Camaiore, a place that extends from the fascinating peaks of the Alpi Apuane to the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the heart of Versilia, an area rich of charm and tradition, where centuries of history left indelible imprints of artistic beauty. The city of Camaiore has very ancient origins, founded by the Romans, interested in erecting fortifications at the foot of Mount Prana to defend Lucca, it was then the Longobard and subsequent dominion of the feudal lords of Lucca that founded the original layout, starting to make it look the medieval town that can still be admired today. Walking in the beautiful pedestrian historic center you will feel like time has stopped. The beautiful Collegiate Church of Maria Assunta, the Church and Cloister of San Lazzaro, where traditional festivals and events are organized in the summer, the Teatro dell’Olivo, one of the oldest in Tuscany, the Arc de Triomphe, through which you can reach the main square, Palazzo Tori Massoni, now home to the Archaeological Museum, are just some of its monumental treasures. One of the most interesting and characteristic villages in all of Tuscany, where you can stroll in complete tranquility and taste real “gastronomic jewels”. Do not miss the tordelli with meat sauce, the castagnaccio and the torta di pepe. It is famous for the craftsmanship of wrought iron, you can see them at work in some forges, and for the “sawdust carpets”, an ancient tradition, on the occasion of the Corpus Domini procession in June, creates suggestive works coloring the whole city. However, limiting yourself to the historic center would be a pity, this area includes a series of mountain villages of great interest such as Pedona, Monteggiori, Santa Lucia, Casoli, sites of incredible charm, which in recent years have become a destination for international tourists in search of peace and relax. In the middle valley the town of Capezzano, famous all over the world for its floriculture. The nearby mountains are perfect for those who love walking and trekking, for a mountain bike trip or climbing, there are so many places and scenery to experience. Finally, do not underestimate the proximity to the coast with its beautiful beaches, a 10-minute drive from the historic center!

What to expect

A historical and artistic heritage surrounded by a tuscan scenery of hills and medieval villages.


A region to discover with a life of traditional craftsmen and antique dealers and of flavor and olive oil.

Don’t expect

A nightlife and luxury boutiques.

Real estate market

From a villa with swimming pool and sea view to a house in a borgo, this area can satisfy any request.

To fall in love with

The splendid panoramic sea view and the surrounding hills, while time seems to have stopped centuries ago.

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